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Holovis is a world leader in sensory experience design in the Entertainment, Industrial, Retail and Retail Brand sectors. Specialising in creating immersive, experiential solutions Holovis can design, build, install and support the most complex and demanding requirements where world class solutions are required.

We design and deliver memorable cost effective solutions including using highly specialised multi-channel displays, 2D and 3D theatre set ups, spatial audio systems, portable and permanent installed Dome Theatres, and fully immersive 3D virtual reality experiences.

These installations are embedded in Industrial design studios, Theme Parks, Planetariums, Science Centres, ride simulators, retail digital media and (Big) Data Rooms. We can work on both permanent and mobile applications.

Holovis headquarters are in the centre of the UK where our purpose built demonstration and research facilities are in constant use with our customers and research partners. As part of our quality assurance process we also completely build and test every solution on our own premises before final installation on site.

We also have a network of sales and support offices around the world.

Holovis is Vision led and Values driven. We put our Customers at the heart of everything we do. Our growth and success comes from a combination of providing truly innovative solutions, and from the reputation for service we have built with our Customers over the last 12 years.

We are passionate about what we do, our team of designers and engineers are never satisfied until the installation does everything it is supposed to do and our Customer (and their Customers) are delighted with the finished outcome.

What Is Different About Holovis?

We do not market products, nor sell from a price list. Our business model is built on a single premise. To increase the competitive advantage of our Customers through designing and delivering for them truly memorable, transformative experiences. Users expectations have moved beyond being simply satisfied with what they purchase, what people now expect is a whole experience of deep engagement where their senses have been stimulated, their learning increased and their enjoyment taken to really memorable levels.

Before even looking at the technical aspects of any project Holovis focus on really understanding what kind of experience the users of the solution require. Our expertise in sensory engagement and immersive environments means a high impact outcome can be guaranteed. Whether a Customer is looking to create insight from data, faster development times, high return rates, repeat sales, off the scale excitement, or simply higher levels of customer advocacy, Holovis knows how to achieve all of these benefits from the solutions it creates.

To find out more about working with Holovis please click on the navigation bar above or for an informal discussion please ring Holovis on +44 (0) 1455 553924 and ask to speak to one of our Solution Architects or email info@holovis.com

We look forward to partnering with you.

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    Turn-Key Solutions
    Transforming Sensory Experiences
    CAVE's, PowerWalls & Bespoke Designs
    Immersive 2D & 3D Dome Solutions
    MotionDome Turn-Key Solutions
    Interactive 2D & 3D Dark Rides
    CoasterDome Media-Coaster & SFX
    Real-Time Game & App Development
    CGI, Film & Creative Solutions
    Design Consultancy Services
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    Market Sectors:
    Automotive & Manufacturing
    Corporate & Medical
    Theme Parks & FEC's
    Museums & Visitor Attractions
    Simulation & Training
    Retail Venues & Public Spaces

Research & Development

and Demo Facilities

UK HQ - Manufacturing - R&D - Demo Facilities

The Holovis UK headquarters is the central hub of the company’s global operations driven by our dedicated Project Management Office (PMO), Projects Group, Software Developers, Solution Architects and Innovation/R&D Teams. Creating some of the worlds most advanced and technologically challenging turn-key solutions, Holovis has designed, delivered and supported a wide range of systems to a diverse range of markets over the past 12 years..

The UK site has extensive, unique demonstration prototyping and testing facilities unequalled by any other company, including virtual reality CAVEs, PowerWalls, 3D Theatres and our prestige dual-dome theatre for dome development and media testing.

Los Angeles - Manufacturing - Demo Facilities

Based in North Hollywood, the Holovis LA operation is setup in partnership with Rando Productions as world leading provider of stage & production solutions.

The partnership enable Holovis to offer a US manufacturing capability and demo centre, currently including one of our large 3D Immersive ApolloWalls for virtual reality design reviews and media serving/playback using 3D Infitec technology for reviewing dailies and 2D/3D CGI & media.

The facilities will be expanded later in the year to include our portable geodesic dome solutions with 360 immersive projection, audio and interactive software systems (for R&D, Demo and Hire/Events) and our exciting MotionDome™ technology.

Holovis Demo, R&D & Design Support Facilities

  • Virtual Reality 4-Wall CAVE System Real-Time Scale 1:1 Design Reviews, Ride Simulation & Masterplanning

    UK-Based (LA System coming soon)

    Holovis is unique in using its own CAVE & VR systems to design, simulate and test our solutions as well as offer these systems and services to our clients and partners for design reviews, masterplanning and ride simulation giving faster and more accurate decision making, supporting stakeholder buy-in and reducing costs at every stage of the design process

  • Interactive 3D Dark Ride Cell Interactive Devices, Immersive Game Development & Motion Platforms

    UK-Based (LA & China coming soon)

    Holovis develops it's own interactive dark ride turn-key solutions including unique 3D immersive & volumetric projection, audio, SFX technology, interactive device development/manufacturing and real-time gaming development/programming using the Holovis In-Mo gaming technology developed for our immersive systems - CAVE, Walls, Dark Rides and Domes

  • 4K - Resolution Infitec 3D Walls Real-Time 1:1 Design Reviews, Simulation & Media Testing

    UK & LA Offices (China 2014)

    Holovis has a range of 4K resolution 3D VR Walls at our UK offices including portable systems used for shows and events as well as supporting our clients on-site requirements and system testing. Our LA office has an Infitec 3D Rear-Projection VR wall that is heavily used by design and media teams for virtual 1:1 scale walkthroughs and for 2D & 3D Media playback and post-production reviews.

  • Unique Dome Projection Theatres 11m Ground Dome & 10m Flying Dome, MediaServers & Real-Time Clusters

    UK-Based (LA & China coming soon)

    The Holovis demo and R&D facility is extensive in it's range and to have not one but 3 dome projection solutions running is unique. Our domes are used to demonstrate the wide range of projection, audio, mediaserving and real-time cluster technology that we specialise in as well as being hired by our partners and clients for media testing while their own theatres are being installed.

Be Immersed in your design

Unique Solutions

.....Transforming Sensory Experiences.....

Great solution design maintains a constant focus on the required user experience, optimising all elements to achieve maximum impact.

All our solutions are designed and built with one thing in mind, to create the best possible experience within the required specification. From the most complex multi-disciplinary installations to a simple single interface point Holovis apply its own proprietary experience design process.

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Projects and Case Studies

Sample imagery of current Holovis Projects and Case Studies.

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Head Office (UK)

  • Holovis
  • The Brick Barn
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    Mere Lane
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Los Angeles

Los Angeles Office

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Denver Office

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Ontario Office

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Italy Office

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Shanghai Office

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